How can I make my meals healthier?


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14 January 2022

An HBF dietitian shares some simple (and delicious) ways to cook healthier meals at home.

A healthy, balanced diet is important for feeling your best and supporting the health of your mind and body.

HBF dietitian Kate Kenny shares her top tips for improving the nutritional value of your meals with small, simple changes.  

  1. “Aim for diversity. Over the week and month, try to vary what you eat, with different types and colours of food.”
  2. "Add more veggies. We hear this all the time, but it’s still the biggest gap in most of our diets. Aiming for five serves of veggies a day does require some planning, and you’ll need to include them with at least two meals a day.”
  3. "Swap to whole grains. Let’s go beyond just whole grain bread and crackers – think brown or wild rice, freekeh, cracked wheat, barley and quinoa. These can all be found in your local supermarket.”
  4. “Add legumes and pulses. These are not just for people following completely plant-based diets. For example, I like adding lentils to rice, adding a mixture of pulses to a salad, and blending up chickpeas to make a simple hummus.”

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