5 HBF Member Perks to save you money this summer


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03 November 2022

Happy family at the cinema watching a funny movie together 

What do discounted movie tickets, trips to Rotto, and Dinnerly meal boxes have in common? Apart from having the potential to benefit your wellbeing in their own way - they’re also part of your Member Perks lineup.

Here are five member perk offers you may not know about, ready to take advantage of this summer.

    Dicount movie tickets

  1. Discounted movie tickets

    Healthy escapism in the form of a movie (maybe some popcorn too) is self-care or family time at its finest. And when there’s a discount involved, even better. Check out your discount to a range of theatres by logging onto MyHBF.

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  2. Dinnerly

  3. Dinnerly

    Let Dinnerly take care of any dreaded dinner planning and prep with their easy, delivered meal boxes. Perfect for busy families, there’s a range of options including gluten and dairy-free meals, with an HBF member discount juicier than a sun-ripened tomato. Menu highlights include Kid-approved Chicken Parmi, Greek Baked Prawns, and Balanced Panang Chickpea Curry.

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  4. The iconic

  5. The Iconic

    Get $30 off when you spend $120 with The Iconic. Your New Years’ Eve outfit awaits, and Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier – with brands like Adidas, The Sheet Society, and Lego.

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  6. The iconic

  7. Discover Rottnest

    The HBF quokkas asked us to mention this one. Year-round, discounted ferry tickets so you can escape to Perth’s own paradise, Rottnest Island, with some extra money (for the bakery) in your pocket.

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  8. The iconic

  9. Solbari

    Slip, slop, slap, seek, slide, and style – okay that last one we added in. If you’re looking for swimwear and clothing with UV protection, you’ll be pleased to learn as an HBF member you get 15% off Solbari protective clothing. Sun damage can’t be reversed, but it can be prevented.

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But wait, there's more...

From gym discounts to sunscreen savings - there's a wide range of Member Perks to explore and enjoy.

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