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5 games to get kids moving

Our HBF Lunch & Play Report confirmed Western Australian children are spending way too much time sitting down while having their eyes glued to screens of all descriptions. Here’s a round-up of tried and tested games to try at home. They’re fun, will get kids moving and they’ll have TVs, tablets and mobile phones left behind – for a little while, at least!

1. Coloured ball fitness

coloured ball fitness

What you need

Different coloured balls representing a different activity. For example, blue ball = star jumps, yellow ball = push-ups, red ball = a lap around the backyard.

How to play

The aim of the game is to see how many exercises the players can do in 30 seconds. Scatter the balls so the kids can collect a ball and perform the exercise. To mix things up, set new goals each time you play. For example, a red ball could mean a plank for 30 seconds today, and 45 seconds the next day.

From our friend Dani Stevens

2. Play chair soccer

play chair soccer

What you need

  • A soft ball (even scrunched up paper taped into a ball would work)
  • A chair for each player

How to play

Each player is allocated a chair, and the aim of the game is to kick the ball between the legs of another person’s chair to score a goal. Of course, you need to make sure no-one scores a goal in your chair!

From our friends at Picklebums

3. Melting statues

melting statues

What you need

  • A sprinkler
  • A backyard

How to play

While the sprinkler is off, the kids run around (or even blow bubbles) but as soon as the sprinkler is on it’s time to ‘freeze’. With water spraying everywhere, even the most pokerfaced child will have trouble staying still.

From our friend Iron Mum Karla

4. A push-up challenge

push up challenge

What you need

All you need is energy and a spare 15 minutes throughout the day.

How to play

Challenge yourself and your child to find three times a day to do 10 push-ups. They can be done anywhere at anytime, whether it’s before dinner or after their favourite TV show.

It’s important to choose the number of push-ups that you and your kids are comfortable with, so start at your own pace. If you want to up the ante, you can increase the number of push-ups every few days.

From our friend Dani Stevens

5. Make an activity jar

activity jar

What you need

  • A jar
  • Pieces of paper

How to play

Fill a jar up with pieces of paper, each with a simple, fun activity written on it. It can be anything , for example, doing 10 star jumps, playing balloon tennis, going on a scavenger hunt or playing a game of ‘duck, duck, goose’. Once filled, treat the jar like a lucky dip. Close your eyes, reach in to the jar, pull out an activity, and get moving!

From our friends at Picklebums

For more information about children’s health and tips to get them moving, see the HBF Lunch & Play Report.

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