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  • Friendlies flu vaccinations

    Help protect yourself and those around you from the flu by getting a flu vaccination at your local Friendlies. All flu shots are delivered in a private consultation room by your trusted pharmacist.

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  • Friendlies 12-week Health Program

    During the 12-week program, you’ll meet with a pharmacist, a dietitian and an exercise physiologist who will create a personalised nutrition and exercise program to help you reach your health goals.

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  • Friendlies Health Check

    Eligible HBF health members get a free health check at Friendlies pharmacy. So you can get the support you need to maintain your health.

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  • Friendlies After Hospital Support If you know you’ve got an upcoming hospitalisation, you can request a free consultation with a Friendlies pharmacist to plan how we’ll help you transition from hospital to home. Find out more
  • HBF Home Support Program

    In conjunction with Silver Chain, this mostly phone-based program helps members recover at home following an overnight hospital stay.

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  • HBF Coach (Diabetes)

    If you have type 2 diabetes, HBF Coach is a six-month program that gives you over the phone support and help at managing your illness.

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  • Friendlies T2 Diabetes Program We’ve partnered with Friendlies to help members living with non-insulin dependent, type 2 diabetes understand and manage their condition. Find out more
  • Chemo@home

    Chemo@home are one of Australia’s leading providers of home-based oncology and chronic disease treatment. We’ve partnered with them to provide chemotherapy treatments at home, so you know you or your loved one are in the best hands.

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  • HBF Heart Care If you have a heart condition or have had a recent cardiac procedure, HBF Heart Care can support you and help improve your physical fitness and mobility. Find out more
  • HBF Coach (Cardiovascular) If you have a cardiovascular disease and need some help or support through your rehabilitation, HBF Coach is a six-month program delivered to you over the phone. Find out more