Hearing loss. Australia’s silent problem.

Did you know that around 17% of the population suffer some form of hearing loss? But the really unfortunate statistic is that only around 1 in 6 sufferers use a hearing aid.

Affordable ready-to-wear hearing aids

Friendlies Pharmacy are currently offering a ready-to-wear hearing aid for $499. Thanks to your HBF membership discount and your level of health cover*, that cost could come down considerably.

  • Save 15%

    Save 15% off the cost of a $499 hearing aid at Friendlies

  • Benefit back

    Claim a benefit back which depending on your level of cover, could mean you are fully covered for your hearing aid*

  • Self service kiosk

    Use the HBF self-service kiosk to submit your hearing aid claim at your Friendlies Pharmacy

  • Pre-programmed settings

    Four pre-programmed settings Select the setting that best suits your needs – and the environment you’re in

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use – With incredibly simple controls, the device is simple to wear, adjust and maintain

  • Friendlies pharmacist

    Professional help – Your Friendlies pharmacist will help you with the fitting and set-up