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HBF commits over 41 million to help members and the WA community navigate the COVID crisis

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic HBF has committed over $39 million in support of HBF members, charities and community groups, with an additional $2.5 million to support of the WA Government’s COVID detection program.

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In March HBF became the only major health fund to cancel its 2020 premium increase at a cost of $37 million; a measure that has saved an average of $75 per HBF policy.

The fund put in place a range of hardship measures enabling members to apply for up to nine months’ premium relief, or to suspend their cover without penalty.

Unique to HBF, members were able to use their accumulated GapSaver entitlements to pay their premium.

By the end of May, around 10,000 of HBF’s one million members had applied for the fund’s Hardship Waiver, Health Cover Protection (HCP) provisions or to re-apportion accrued GapSaver entitlements to help pay their premium.

In a year when getting a flu vaccination has become more important than ever, HBF paid for a record number of fully covered vaccinations for members even before winter started. By the end of May more than 50,000 WA members had received a fully covered flu shot at a Pharmacy 777 pharmacies, compared to 35,000 vaccinations for the whole flu season in 2019.

HBF has also stepped up its support to key WA charities and community groups whose services in the wake of the pandemic are desperately needed.

Donations totalling $370,000 have gone to charities including Foodbank, Lifeline, Salvation Army and Anglicare, providing services that are now more needed than ever.

And HBF has donated $400,000 (representing estimated cost savings associated with this year’s cancelled HBF Run for a Reason) to 170 health charities that had been counting on the event to help them raise funds.

HBF has also partnered with the WA Government on the DETECT Snapshot program to accelerate the State’s COVID-19 testing. HBF has provided $2.5 million towards the program to test those whose occupations mean they are the most vulnerable to catching COVID-19 including healthcare workers, police, meat workers, supermarket staff and hospitality workers.

CEO John Van Der Wielen said that during the greatest health and financial crisis in a generation, HBF had made a conscious decision to use its resources to support members and the community.

“We see ourselves as an intrinsic part of the WA community and a key player in the State’s health infrastructure".

“This is when organisations like HBF are able to show what being a not-for-profit business, that puts the interests of members and the community first, really means” he said.

HBF members seeking more information should call HBF’s Member Contact Centre on 133 423 or visit https://www.hbf.com.au/members/covid-19.

HBF’s COVID-19 support for Members and the WA community

Initiative Cost to HBF
2020 premium increase cancellation (1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021) $37,000,000
Contribution to WA Government ‘DETECT Snapshot’ program $2,500,000
Hardship support for Members (as at 31 May 2020) $510,000
Donations to HBF Run for a Reason charities $400,000
Donations to Lifeline, Foodbank, Anglicare, Silver Chain, RFDS, Cancer Council $370,000
Fully covered flu vaccinations provided to HBF members in Pharmacy 777 pharmacies (as at 31 May 2020) $985,000
Total $41,765,000

Media enquiries: Lauren Underhill/Jodi Eastman 0438 925 050 / CorporateAffairs@hbf.com.au

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