Community Grants

HBF Community Grants provide support to initiatives focused on improving the health of West Australians.

How our program works

Learn how the Community Grants Program works.
  1. Check if your organisation is eligible

    HBF Community Grants are designed to provide support to WA organisations involved in community health initiatives. Grants from $1,000 to $10,000 allocated on a quarterly basis.  To see if your organisation is eligible, download the Community Grants Program terms and conditions (PDF)
  2. Complete the online grant application

    Once you've determined if your organisation is eligible to apply for a Community Grant, complete the Grants Application Form, noting the quarterly submission and review dates.
  3. Grants allocated on a quarterly basis

    HBF will review all applications on a quarterly basis and all applicants will receive a response following the quarterly review period.

Eligibility criteria for the Community Partnerships Grants

Preference will be given to requests from organisations or community groups involved in the following areas:

  • Activities that address recognised chronic health conditions which impact a significant portion of the WA community.
  • Initiatives that can demonstrate a tangible community benefit in the area of health and wellbeing.
  • Opportunities providing scope for HBF employee involvement, through volunteering or fundraising activity.
  • Activities that can provide specific and measurable outcomes.
  • Initiatives demonstrating good governance, financial management and accountable leadership.
  • Partnerships that have the potential to include additional benefits for HBF members.

Key dates for our program

Here are the important dates for our Community Grants Program

Application deadline Assess & review Notify successful applicants Funding supplied
30/09 01/10 - 30/11 15/12 01/01 - 30/03
31/12 01/01 - 28/02 15/03 01/04 - 30/6
31/03 01/05 - 31/05 15/06 01/07 - 30/09
30/06 01/07 - 31/08 15/09 01/10 - 31/12
No. We want to spread our support in the WA community as far as possible, so we will not offer multiple grants to the same organisation in the same financial year.
We award Community Grants quarterly. See the key dates for our program.
We notify all applicants on a quarterly basis after our quarterly review process. See the key dates for our program.
Please contact our Community Engagement Consultant on 9265 6230 or