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Why choose HBF?

  • Simple Application

    The HBF Ezicover application process is quick, simple and fuss-free

  • Flexible & Affordable

    Whether it’s life insurance or income protection, HBF Ezicover has options to suit your lifestyle

  • Worldwide cover 24/7

    You can be covered anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Exclusions apply 2

  • First Month for $0

    Your first month’s premium is waived, whichever HBF Ezicover Insurance product you choose

  • No medicals required

    Generally, you won’t need a medical examination to take out cover

FAQs about life insurance

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a broad term, which refers to a group of insurance products that protect your family’s quality of life by providing financial support if something were to happen to you, for example, you are disabled due to sickness or injury or pass away.

Life insurance products are not savings plans, they’re more like a safety net—they are there to help provide financial protection in defined circumstances when you and your family may need it.

There are several types of life insurance products that cover different situations. The HBF Ezicover range includes: term life insurance (otherwise known as death cover) and income protection.

There is also Trauma insurance (also known as critical illness cover or recovery insurance) and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance, but it’s important to note that HBF does not offer these types of life insurance.

The life insurance products offered by HBF include HBF Ezicover Life Insurance (term life/death cover) and HBF Ezicover Income Protection. These products are issued and underwritten by Zurich Australia Limited.

What is HBF Ezicover Life Insurance?

HBF Ezicover Life Insurance pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness (certified as likely to pass away within 12 months) or pass away. This money can be used wherever it’s needed, e.g. to cover mortgage repayments, living expenses or funeral costs.

What is HBF Ezicover Income Protection?

HBF Ezicover Income Protection insurance can provide regular monthly payments to help if you can’t work due to illness or injury. It can cover up to 75% of your pre-disability income up to a maximum of $12,000 per month. An injury-only cover option is available. This money goes to you, and can be used to help pay your mortgage, bills and any other expenses you’d usually use your income for.

What is the age limit to apply for life insurance?

Most life insurers have minimum and maximum age limits to be able to apply for life insurance. The age limit changes depending on the product and insurer. With HBF Ezicover, the age limits at entry are:
HBF Ezicover Life Insurance: 19 - 69
HBF Ezicover Income Protection: 19 - 60

How much life insurance do I need?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to how much life insurance you might need, as everyone will have their own personal circumstances, needs and objectives. A couple of questions to consider (and further information) can be found on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) website on life insurance

If you feel you need life insurance and you know what you want, there are a number of sites that offer Life insurance directly online or over the phone if you need assistance, like HBF. If you feel you have more complex needs and you need some help, it may be worth speaking to a Financial Adviser.