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Questioning your cover?
Here’s what you need to know.

Things you should know

It’s helpful to understand the potential impact of not having health insurance.

Lost tax savings

If you earn over $97,000 as a single or $194,000 as a couple or family, you may be charged a tax called the Medicare Levy Surcharge if you don’t have hospital cover.

Waiting periods

If you are without cover for more than 2 months, you may need to re-serve waiting periods.

Public hospital waiting lists

The wait for common elective procedures like tonsil removals and knee replacements can be long.

Try a 3-minute search for better value cover

Find out if we have a better cover for your needs and budget with this simple tool. Just select what’s important to you, and we’ll find the most affordable cover to suit your needs.

What are your challenges with health cover?

I’m having trouble affording my health insurance premiums

We know life can get complicated and there may be times when you experience difficulty keeping your premiums up to date. Don’t worry, we can help. Our customer service team can talk to you about ways to manage your payments and ensure you are on a plan that’s right for your needs. To learn more about managing the cost of your health insurance, or if you are experiencing financial hardship, call us today on 133 423 or learn about our financial support options.

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I want to switch to another health insurance fund

We want you to have the best heath insurance cover for your needs. So here’s why you should stay with us:

  • Not for Profit – with no shareholders to pay, our members are our number one priority
  • Mix and match our hospital and extras products to create cover that’s right for you
  • Experience you can trust – we’ve been helping our members navigate health insurance and the healthcare system for over 80 years

Before you say goodbye, call us on 133 423 to to learn more about why you should stay with HBF.

I’m not getting enough value from my health insurance

Here are three quick ways to get more value.

  1. Use your cover in everyday life, not just to fix you when you’re broken. Here’s a cheat sheet with more than 15 ways to get more value, including special deals, discounts and programs you may not know about.
  2. Use the HBF Member Plus network to minimise out-of-pockets
  3. Change your level of cover to better suit your needs. Try our 3 minute recommendation tool.

My circumstances have changed, I don’t need my health insurance cover anymore.

We understand that life changes, and so do your health insurance needs. Call us on 133 423 to learn more about what to do when your coverage needs an update.

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How to cancel your HBF membership

To cancel your membership, just give us a call or visit your local HBF branch.