How to create a new exercise habit


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27 January 2022

A sports physiotherapist shares some expert tips for getting started with fitness – and enjoying it.

Staying active is important for good health, but getting started can often be the hardest part.

Here, sports physiotherapist Steve Gravina shares his top tips for creating a new exercise habit.

  1. “Develop a ritual to make starting easier. Find a time that you’re more likely to stick with – whether it’s the morning, lunchtime or evening – and stick with that time.”
  2. “Set yourself reminders to increase the chance of compliance, such as placing your runners at the front door so you don’t miss them when you walk past.”
  3. “Start small, with exercise that’s ridiculously small and easily attainable.”
  4. “Think of exercising as a long-term investment into your health.”
  5. “Play the long game and build habits that are sustainable.”
  6. “Focus on the habit first, and the results later. You want to be purely process driven rather than outcome driven.”
  7. “Make exercise enjoyable, so you can easily turn the narrative from something you have to do, to something you get to do.”

How can health insurance help?

HBF extras cover can pay benefits towards a few services that may help support your exercise goals, such as:

  • Physiotherapy. From aches and pains to mobility issues and injuries, physio can help treat a wide range of physical conditions.
  • Exercise physiology. Get support for managing, treating or preventing chronic illness or injury through exercise.
  • Remedial massage. Rest up and recover with remedial massage that can help with aches and pains, injuries and overall wellness.  
  • Dietetics. Get personalised advice on healthy eating to support your exercise goals and overall health.
  • Psychology. Get support for making healthy lifestyle changes and learn tools to better manage your mental wellbeing.

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Physio cover to help keep you moving

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